What emerged after dozens of interviews and facilitated Town Hall meetings with various community members was a collective need and desire for authentic connection and sustainable lifestyles.

A solution:

Transformative music and arts festivals provide opportunities for diverse communities to gather, co-create and deeply connect with each other. They are essentially pop-up experiences that serve as a training ground for people to imagine and design radical and fresh takes on the concept of "community." The goal of the Saga Fest community is to promote sustainable lifestyles, vulnerability and active participation.

Saga Fest focuses on fostering the social health of a community through co-creation. People were able to connect deeply and authentically to a diverse group of people—elders, children, artists, farmers, politicians, musicians and entrepreneurs—through sharing stories, creating art and music, cooking and eating together, and participating in dozens of workshops.

The community built two stages for music performances, art, dance, poetry and storytelling, two geodesic domes for a range of workshops (yoga, meditation, dance, shamanism, storytelling, community building, permaculture and skateboard design as examples), a fire that acted as a central hub for participant-driven programming and a variety of food experiences.

The inaugural festival took place on Stokkseyrarsel, a sustainable farm in southern Iceland nestled between the highland mountains and the North Atlantic ocean, near the villages of Eyrarbakki (pop. 570) and Stokkseyri (pop. 455).



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