54th Street Oakland Garage

A 6-month experiment that converted a 12' x 22' garage into a community arts space that activated Oakland-based artists, creators and organizers.


What if we developed community arts programming with the constraints of a single-car garage?


In a place like the San Francisco Bay Area, rising cost of living means it becomes harder for artists to create and share their work. Since most rent in the USA is calculated approximately by square footage, art spaces typically shrink as prices grow. As designers, these kinds of constraints can be exciting. Could we create impactful community-based art experiences and programming in a tiny one-car garage? How could we build on E. F. Schumacher's Small is Beautiful philosophy and utilize a tiny space to create larger impact? 

Through this six-month experiment, a range of creatives graced the community space. We had storytelling events, music shows, beat-making workshops, cyphers, poetry, talks about sex, political activations, exhibitions, informational discussions, art making and much more.